Wilton Music Hall – Cockney Singalong

Wilton Music Hall is the oldest surviving music hall in the world and the perfect location for Tom Carradine’s Cockney Singalong.

You might have seen Tom Carradine performing with Champagne Charlie and the Bubbly Boys but you can’t miss him. He has a huge twirly moustache and spats and tail-coat and is member of the handlebar club, where he assures me they discuss everything under the sun except for moustaches!
Wilton Music hall is a beautiful Victorian building which is understandably very popular with film producers and Interview With A Vampire, Chaplin and A Picture of Dorian Gray were all filmed here. The Can Can was first performed here in 1859 and even the great Julian McDonnell has performed on this very stage in a pop video!
Before it was used as a theatre Wilton Music Hall was a pub called The Prince of Denmark and was known as The Mahogany Bar because it was the first bar to use mahogany fixtures. John Wilton bought it in the 1850s and decided to buy up all the surrounding land too and turn the back room into a huge music hall. However, when he ran out of money and sold it it was taken over my methodists who didn’t have any money and just left it to delapidate. This did mean however, that when it finally re-opened as a music hall in the 20th century it retained all the original Victorian features and still looks the smae today! Check Tom Carradine’s facebook page to see when his next performance is and come and see if you can raise the roof off this lovely old building once a month!

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