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Travels Around Turkey

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My Travels in Turkey this year were truly epic including balloon rides, camels and visits to Troy, Gallipoli and underground caves.
Turkey is huge so I do my best to cover a large selection of laces to go, and things to do in Turkey in this video.
We start in Nevsehir in Cappadocia where you can learn how to be a balloon pilot. We visit the beautiful hotels including Cappadocia Cave Resort and The Selfie Hotel.
There is also a jeep safari and classic car ride.
We visit the famous underground city built by the Christians to hide from the Romans in cappadocia and crawl through the many caves and incredible rock formations.
I also ride on a camel and attend the Turkish International Tourism Film festival.
Then I go to Kusadasi and visit the ancient city of Ephesus where St John the Apostle and the Virgin Mary lived.
There is the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the grave of St John. Also the house of the Virgin Mary.
Then I go the Canakkale to the Hellespont where Lord Byron swam across and to the ancient city of Troy to see where the Trojan War took place and the grave of Achilles. There’s the trojan horse used in the film with Brad Pitt and I go across the Dardanelles to Gallipoli to Anzac Cove.
Then it’s off to Istanbul. An amazing trip!

Music licensed under CC by
Alleys of Istanbul by Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road

Also Terry St Clair singing The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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