Tour of London’s Mayfair

Tour of Mayfair – London’s Millionaire’s Playground

Mayfair was all fields until the 18th century when the Grosvenor family started to develop a few of the Squares. It then attracted aristocrats and is still an exclusive part of London and unsurprisingly the most expensive property on the Monopoly board.

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Hotel For Celebrities in Mayfair


Claridges in Brook Street was founded by a butler in 1855.
Then in 1860 Victorian and Albert were hosted by Empress Eugenie of France.
During World War II many of Europe’s royal families were in exile, one of whom was King Peter of Yugoslavia who fathered his son prince Alexander in suite 212.

Churchill declared the room to be part of Yugoslavia for one day and Yugoslavian earth was placed under the bed so he could be born on Yugoslav soil.
Then Churchill discovered he hadn’t been re-elected and came to Claridges to commiserate.
Gordon Ramsey used to run the restaurant but no longer since losing his Michelin star.

Brook Street and Savile Row

Brook Street is also home to the Handel Hendrix museum.
The word brook refers to the Tyburn river which used to run here.
Savile Row is where the Tuxedo was invented by Henry Poole when
James Potter of Tuxedo Park NY was invited by the prince of Wales to sandringham. He wanted the same suit as the prince.

In 1969 The Beatles performed their last ever gig on the roof of Apple Studios at No.3 Savile Row but the police closed it down after 40 minutes.

Oldest Police Force

Burlington Arcade

1819 – Lord Cavendish inherited Burlington house and built this covered arcade to stop people throwing things into his garden.
He recruited beadles from his old regiment the 10th Hussars so his wife and friends could shop unmolested. These beadles are now the oldest police force in the world.
No running, whistling or opening umbrellas.

Madonna’s Pub – Mayfair

Punch Bowl Tavern

The Punch Bowl – 2008 It was bought by Guy Ritchie and Madonna for 2.5 million off the son of a gangster.
Ritchie retained Madonna’s share after they divorced.
Famous patrons include David Beckham, Princes William and Harry, Leonardo di Caprio, Robert Downey and Justin Timberlake.
It was investigated for charging tourists more than locals but cleared.
Ritchie sold it in 2013.

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