Speakers Corner – Marble Arch

Speakers Corner – Marble Arch

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10 Hyde Park Place

One of the smallest houses in London.
Just over 3 feet wide.

Alleyway behind the door led to the church so grave robbers used it as a passageway to escape.
Now part of Tyburn Convent.

Marble Arch used to form the gateway to Buckingham Palace but didn’t look right after they enlarged the palace. John Nash designed it.

Only members of royal troop can drive through.

They moved it here in time for the great exhibition in 1850 and it formed a grand entrance which everyone passed through.

1908 and then in 1960s the roads were built isolating it from the park.

Three women are England Ireland and Scotland.

Marble Arch isn’t a police station but sometimes used as an outpost during demonstrations. Mixed up with Wellington Arch which was a police Station.

Speakers Corner

People had met here to talk and interact for centuries but the reform bill in 1872 designated this area for public speaking.

1999 Lord Justice Sedley said freedom of speech can’t be limited to things which don’t cause offence.
As long as it doesn’t provoke violence.

Karl Marx, Lenin, George Orwell all came here.

Tyburn Gallows

First recorded hanging was 1196
Tyburn river passed under here and down to Pimlico from Hampstead.
Triangular gallows meant 24 people could hang at once.
20 000 people came to se Jack Shepard highwayman hanged.
1664 Pepys describes seeing a man he knew hang and 14000 people here.

Condemned would make speeches criticising the church or monarchy. This led to speakers corner.

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