A Roman Bath – Or is it Tudor?

Just off Surrey Street near Temple Tube Station in London is a rather odd little attraction. The National Trust Roman Baths.

There seems to be some debate as to how authentically Roman they are, but they are certainly an interesting attraction. It seems that they are more Tudor and were originally designed to feed a nearby fountain. However, they do have an actual natural running spring and Charles Dickens bathed here (well, David Copperfield did in his novel of the same name but it’s fair to assume that the author visited).

The politician, William Weddel died here of a chill and in fact they were quite popular in Victorian times before they fell into ruin.

You can still see the old tiles on the wall and it is clear to see why they were called Roman Baths because the bricks do bear a resemblance to many Roman constructions.

Admission is by appointment but you can view the Roman Baths through the window if you so wish but they are small so the visit won’t take you very long.

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