Regents Park – Quirky Facts and Feeding Squirrels


Regents Park - Quirky Facts and Feeding Squirrels

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Joolz shows you around Regents Park where he used to play football with WOODY HARRELSON and recreates the scenes from the cult British classic film, Withnail and I.

Learn about how Regents Park came into being after being used by King Henry viii and how the Prince Regent redeveloped the whole of London to accommodate his friends in a beautiful palace that never got built. Many of the buildings are similar to those stretching down Regent Street towards Pall Mall as they were all a part of the redevelopment overseen by architect John Nash. See my video about the Duke of York and also the Nazi Dog to see how similar the architecture is.
There are also many more of the Parish Boundary Markers which you can also see in my Peter Pan Tombstones video which are dotted all over London and it’s fun to try and work out what they refer to.
See the most miserable tree in London where a spirit is trapped inside whilst Joolz recites Shakespeare near the open air theatre and picks fresh blackberries outside London Zoo. You can see quite a lot of the animals without needing to pay for entry although of course you see more if you go inside. You can certainly smell them from the outside though! See the camels chomping and penguins being fed whilst Julian McDonnell takes you on a friendly and fun guided walk around Regents Park. There is also the bandstand which was bombed by the IRA in 1982 and the Queen Mary Rose Garden with over 80 beds of roses. It is actually a botanical garden with a jungle border and other tropical plants and there’s also a beautiful waterfall where fairies live. (Well that’s what I used to think when I was kid anyway!)

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