Street Furniture Treasure Hunt

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If you’re visiting London or anywhere else in Britain , why not play the Joolz Guides Treasure Hunt – Street Furniture and Paraphernalia Challenge!
As you wander around award yourself points if you spot any of Joolzy’s favourite obsessions.
Then share a photo of yourself on Instagram next to one of the items with your score for the day.


No prizes, it’s just for fun!

Fountains or Cattle Troughs – 2 points
Cattle Trough in actual use – 4 points
(Should be victorian or say Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association)

Boundary Markers – 2 points
Property Markers – 2 points

Urine Deflectors – 2 points

Fire Insurance Plaques – 4 points

Pre-1917 Street Sign – 2 points
Old Stone Street Sign – 4 Points

Torch Snuffers – 2 points

Cannon Bollards – 2 points
Cannon Missing its Ball – 4 points

Mile Stones – 2 points

Coal Hole Covers – 2 points
Clark Hunt Coal Hole Cover – 4 points

Stink Pipe – 2 points
Stretcher Railings – 2 points

Post Boxes (Not Elizabeth II) – 2 points

Edward VIII Post Box – 10 Points!!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Anything over 80 points and you’re a Joolz Guides don!!!

Featuring Terry St Clair playing Streets of London ➜



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