London in the Snow – Coldest March Day Ever

London in the snow – Coldest March on record.

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London is a city of change and contrast and resilience against foreign invaders.

Londoners are a welcoming people but this Spring one uninvited guest presumed to test their resolve.


Piccadilly Circus, the stone village green of London, take your girl out to buy a handbag or an enormous limousine you start from here

Pussycat pussycat where have you been, I’ve been to London to see the queen.

Sentries present arms and visitors present cameras
But it’s too cold for her majesty to go out to day, the royal ensign indicates that the queen is at home.

Monuments and stone heroes, like Nelson, museums and galleries, and tall erections, buildings at the heart of a nation get the thumbs up from us.
Ships, towers, domes theatres and temples lie
Open onto the fields and to the sky
The Duke of Wellington unflustered by the snow on his private parts. That’s why they called him the iron duke.

The ancient river, ever changing running like a noble theme through London, past the houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Even Big Ben is wearing his overcoat as Churchill looks on, helpless this time against the beast from the east as this weather is being called, but Ghandi resolute as ever who so often ruffled the feathers of Parliament.

Now is the winter of our discontent, as Shakespeare’s globe is covered in snow and peanut sellers keep warm over their barrows, which is more than can be said for this girl.

On the majestic steps of st pauls, Londoners have an hour for lunch and can relieve themselves in one of the many public lavatories provided, as the snow Queen Anne, who united England and Scotland looks on beneath the proud domes sailing in the sky

But kids…if you see a yellow snowman, don’t play with it!

The river once wide and marshy is disciplined by the stone embankment.
The river Thames reflects the brooding centuries of history and the bright swirl of today,
The excitements and pleasures of a great capital.

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