Lincoln’s Inn Fields | Holborn | A square of Wonders

Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Holborn

For a quirky London walk around a true square of wonders go to Holborn Station and visit Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

In this video Julian McDonnell tells you all about the people who lived there and the strange things that happened at number 89 Lincoln’s Inn Fields and why there is a giant’s skeleton at one of the museums here.

Starting on Kingsway you can see where the tram stations used to be and where the trams used to enter the ground. They died out in the 1950s but you used to be able to travel from Islington to Waterloo in 10 minutes!

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The Hunterian museum was founded by John Hunter, a surgeon in the army who was fascinated with gun shot wounds and venereal diseases. He collected many specimens over the years and housed them in the Hunterian museum. You can see mis-shapen skulls, skeletons of siamese twins, a giant’s skeleton and much more.

Nell Gwynn was King Charles ii’s favourite mistress and loved by Londoners. She occupied many houses in London but this one has some curious stories about how the Duke of St Albans got his name and how she dispersed a crowd by calling herself a whore!

Opposite the hunterian museum you will find the John Soane’s Museum, a curious house stuffed full of ancient artifacts, paintings by Hogarth, sarcophaguses and more. He was one of England’s most famous architects and designed the interior of this house himself.

You can also see the inns of court themselves. Lincoln’s Inn is the oldest being created in Tudor times and can boats such students as Tony Blair, Margeret Thatcher and John Donne.

Just off Lincoln’s Inn Fields is The Old Curiosity Shop which was immortalised by Charles Dickens but today is a shoe boutique.

To finish off your walk why not pop into the Polish Vodka bar. There are 50 different types of vodka and the food is hearty, filling and reasonably priced.

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