How to use London Cycle Hire – Boris Bikes

Joolz shows you how to use a Boris Bike!

The London Cycle Hire Scheme is a great and affordable way to get around London. For just £2 you can have access to a bike for 24 hours. However, if you only want to pay £2 for the whole day you have to make sure you re-dock the bike before 30 minutes have elapsed. Then you can wait 5 minutes and take another bike.
There is also an app which you can find if you search for Santander Cycles, or go to the TFL website (transport for London). It is also possible to become a pay as you peddle member. You just have to apply on the website and enter your bank details. They will then send you a key which gives you quicker access to the bikes and the money is deducted straight from your account.

It is important you don’t lose your London Cycle Hire bike or forget to dock it properly. This can lead to extra charges or fines of up to £300!

The bikes have lights, a bell and gears, and if you do end up taking a Santander cycle for longer than 30 minutes it will charge you £2 for each extra 30 minutes that you use.

There are 750 docking stations and 10 000 bikes so you should be able to find one but at busy times you might not find one or you could find that the docking stations are full. The app should help with locating available docking station.

Remember to cycle sensibly and use the cycle lanes and don’t ride on the pavement! And don’t forget to sign up for more videos or subscribe to the youtube channel!

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