Harry Potter London Walks

Harry Potter London Walks

When I’m doing my London walks people always keep asking me about Harry Potter. Where is the Leaky Cauldron? Where is Diagon Alley? Where are the filming locations for the Harry Potter films?

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I know where the places are but I’m no Harry Potter expert. That is, until I made this video! I decided to make a proper Harry Potter London tour video with magic and fun for kids and adults. In fact when I showed my first draft to my sister she said that I had left too much historical stuff in. But I’m Joolz Guides! That what I do!
So she made me remove all that stuff and just have one devoted video for Harry Potter. I’ll save the other footage and put it in my next video.

As I went around London on my magical adventure I started to realise how many connections I had to Harry Potter.
The death eaters destroyed the Millenium Bridge which was designed by Norman Foster. Norman foster was mean to my mum when she was young because she knew him and was quite keen on him. Then John Hurt who plays Mr Ollivander asked my mum out on a date!! Then I also remembered that I auditioned to be the werewolf in The Prisoner of Azkaban!

The greatest question of all is of course which house to be in. In the absence of a sorting hat I had to decide on which scarf to buy from Platform 9 and three quarters. As I wear black I figured that green goes well with my hat and I’m also rather sinister so it was Slitherin for me. But who buys scarves from the lesser known houses?

Not me..

I must say, however, that the quality of the merchandise in the shop was surprisingly good! Not all that cheap though!!

Anyway, if you want to see where Hermione, Ron and Harry apparate to in the Deathly Hallows or where they enter the ministry of magic, watch my video! And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.

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