Hackney Central to London Fields


Hackney Central to London Fields

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A Cultural and Trendy Walk from Hackney to London Fields


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The ancient village of Hackney has changed a lot since I was young, let alone in the last thousand years.
We take a walk from Hackney Central around the back streets and down to Broadway Market near London Fields where we also visit one of London’s weirdest museums. Viktor Wynde’s Museum of Curiosity is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful items which will freak you out.
Hackney Empire which has played host to many musical and comedy stars since 1901 including Marie Lloyd and Stand Laurel.
The churchyard with many fancy tombs and interesting people buried there.
Then there’s the fabulous Umit & Son film shop where you can find many old classic cameras and even a cinema.
There’s a Tudor house, Sutton House, the oldest in Hackney, a round church, the Burberry outlet store and more stink pipes and other random little discoveries.

Music by ➜ Kate Garner Singer/Songwriter Pianist


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