Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields


Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields is one of London’s most popular attractions. Make sure you book to see this amazing immersive experience. In this video Joolz shows you this and other interesting historical facts about Spitalfields.

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Dennis Severs House is a one of London’s most popular visitor attractions. An immersive experience taking you back through the sounds, sights and smells of past centuries. Dennis Severs was an American artist who came to London in the 1980s and rode around in a horse drawn carriage. He bought a house in the historic part of Spitalfields and created within it a world from days gone by and actually lived like a 19th huguenot silk weaver with no electricity or gas. All by candle light. After his death the house is now a wonderful museum/art intallation/experience. You can walk through the  house and enter rooms from different ages which all look, smell and sound like they would have done hundreds of years ago.

Spitalfields had one of the largest Roman Cemeteries here just outside the city.
In 1197 the priory built one of the biggest hospitals in medieval England. The New Hospital of St Mary Without Bishopsgate, (St Mary Spital).
In 17th Century Huguenot French Silk Weavers settled here to escape the Edict of Nantes. Outside the city walls they escaped the regulations of the city livery companies. Many of these houses were built especially for them.
By 1800 Jews moved in fleeing pogroms. Also worked in fashion and in the street markets.
125 000 jews in the East End and converted Huguenot chapels in to Sandy’s Row Synagogue
Queen Victoria’s coronation gown woven here at 14 Fournier Street.


Also featured in this video is Christchurch Spitalfield, the Ten Bells and Sandys Row Synagogue. For more about the area  watch my video about Jack the Ripper!

Photos provided by Dennis Severs House.

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