Cultural trip to Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia


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In 2018 I was invited to present a travel film about places to see in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. We visit the two towns of Pleternica and Tomislavgrad following the cultural route of Becharac and ganga which are traditional forms of singing protected by UNESCO.

Projekt prekogranične suradnje pod nazivom „Kulturna ruta bećarca i gange“, kojeg su uspješno prijavili Grad Pleternica (RH) kao nositelj projekta i Općina Tomislavgrad (BiH) kao partner
u projektu. Cilj projekta je oživljavanje nematerijalne kulturne baštine bećarca i gange koja će postati kulturno-turistička atrakcija ovih destinacija, popraćena jedinstvenom turističkom infrastrukturom, Izgradnjom Trga Bećarca u Pleternici i Šetnice Bećarca u Pleternici te izgradnjom Trga Gange i Hajducke družine u Tomislavgradu i istoimene šetnice.
Projekt je financiran iz Programa Interreg IPA prekogranična
suradnja Hrvatska-Bosna i Hercegovina –Crna Gora 2014.-2020.

The cross border problems are the tourist potentials not sufficiently exploited of both areas that need to be joint together into a common tourist offer. The common challenge is to establish a permanent, high-quality tourism destination management based on the valorization of cultural heritage. The project approach in addressing the common challenges is the development of cultural heritage based on “Becharac and Ganga” – the forms of folk songs protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Both towns have protected the names “Becharac Museum” in Pleternica and “Ganga Museum” in Tomislavgrad as intellectual property (label) and as such are unique in CRO and BiH. This excellent foundation for the restoration and preservation of cultural and historical heritage is also an ideal opportunity to develop cross-border tourism and cultural events.
The project is funded by Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme
Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014.-2020.



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