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Having visited the extraordinary Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities I was informed that they also held cocktail classes once a month.
So I returned one Wednesday evening to 11 Mare Street where two charming bar persons were conducting proceedings.
At the Last Tuesday Society cocktail classes you get led through each stage of the cocktail making process so that you too can be a dashing bar person or, if you like, mixologist. We made four classic cocktails with all sorts of spirits in them. Whiskey sours, martinis and strange things I’d never heard of, all the while sampling and tasting the cocktails. There was plenty of booze on offer and a chap could get rather drunk rather quickly!
At the end we were invited to make a cocktail of our own choosing and I must say I have no idea what mine was called but it consisted of peanut butter and apricot jam! Surprisingly it tasted pretty good, but by that stage I think I would have drunk anything!

Then, for some reason, the whole thing descended into drinking tequila shots and generally more spirits until I decided I should go and investigate downstairs further.
If you are into sex tips for Irish farmers and Russell Brand’s pubic hair then Viktor Wynd’s Wundercabinet downstairs is definitely for you.
Meanwhile the bar area is surrounded by tropical fish, unicorns, mermaid skeletons and snakes. All very atmospheric!

To book tickets for the Cocktail Mixing Masterclass go to The Last Tuesday website where you will also be able to book for lectures on art, taxidermy classes, the petting zoo with frogs tarantulas, pythons and other creepy crawlies, a tour of the museum with the wonderfully eccentric Viktor Wynd himself and any number of masked balls and danse macabres organised by the Last Tuesday Society.
(Music by Lil’ Lost Lou)

And don’t forget to watch my video about the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

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