Clerkenwell and Smithfield Fun Facts – London Tour Video

London Fun Facts – Clerkenwell and Smithfield

One of my favourite walks is around Clerkenwell and Smithfield Market. I love this area of London! There is so much history here that I cannot possibly squeeze it all into one video but here is a nice walking tour which you could do starting at Farringdon.

Farringdon Station was the terminus of the first subway (underground) line in the world, serving the area of Smithfield, London’s oldest meat market, which has existed for 1000 years. It was famous for wife selling in the 18th and 19th centuries and also martyrdom.

William Wallace (or Braveheart) was hung drawn and quartered here and many protestant martyrs were burnt. It was also where Watt Tyler’s peasant’s revolt came to a head in 1381 amongst many other things!

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Then head over to ST John’s Gate, the only existing remains of the Priory of the Knights of Saint John and then on to Clerkenwell Green where you will see The Clerks’ Well and where Oliver Twist gets blamed for stealing a handkerchief!

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