Charlie Chaplin London Tour


Charlie Chaplin London Tour

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When Spencer Chaplin emailed me to ask for a tour of Kennington I had no idea that he was Charlie Chaplin’s grandson! The next thing I knew I was wandering around all the old haunts of Charlie Chaplin in London with Kirea and Spencer Chaplin, his grandchildren.
Charlie Chaplin was brought up in south London and his upbringing was one of the most harrowing tales of poverty and hunger that I have ever read.
As we walked around the various houses in which Charlie Chaplin lived we recreated some of the seminal moments from his childhood which he describes in his autobiography.

We visit the workhouse where his mother had to take them when money was too hard to come by and his father’s house where he had to stay when his mother was sent to the lunatic asylum.

All around you can see places that inspired his films. There are the pubs where he saw vaudeville entertainers like his father and the last place he saw his dad.

The first place Charlie Chaplin went on a date and where he learned his funny walk.

Then we head to the West End to recreate some touching moments when Charlie Chaplin returned to London in 1921 and stayed at The Ritz.

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