Who does the Best Christmas Sandwich?

Which is the best Christmas sandwich?

Every year the same burning question raises its head. Who does the best Christmas sandwich? It’s a lot harder to get right that you think!

In this video Joolz Guides teams up with Gladrags and Hashtags’ Jo Caley to visit all the main contenders. Marks are awarded according to freshness of bread, moistness of turkey, price, stability and overall tastiness.

Featuring music from Lil’ Lost Lou’s charity Christmas hit single, “Merry Christmas Here I come“, we visit EAT, Marks and Spencer, Pret a Manger, Tesco and Sainsbury and test out their sandwiches on members of the public before drawing our conclusions. Let me tell you, that’s a lot of Christmas sandwiches to be eating at 11 am!

It seems that quite high up on the list for most people is the stuffing, but I I found that sometimes there can be too much, and to qualify as the best Christmas sandwich you need the right ratio of stuffing to turkey and it’s no good if the whole thing falls apart.

This year all the talk is about the long-awaited chocolate and cherry sandwich from Tesco and Jo Caley can’t wait to sink he teeth into it but Joolz thinks this is only a dessert sandwich. Nor can they accept hot sandwiches, which is is shame as some of the shops do excellent hot options. An honorable mention here for the EAT hot full festive works! In fact, Joolz Guides uses all these outlets for various items in his general shopping but this is, alas, only about Christmas sandwiches.

As usual the winners of the best Christmas sandwich competition receive the same as the winners of Danny Baker’s Sausage sandwich game receive: our best wishes! However, they also take away toe kudos of haveing the Joolz Guides Best in Show title! Who could want more than that!

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