Rather Splendid London Walks Book

Rather Splendid London Walks Book

Pip pip, tally ho!

Welcome to Rather Splendid London Walks from Joolz Guides, in which I wander around London telling you fascinating facts!

In this book of 20 walks I will show you some of the fun, interesting, weird and ridiculous things I’ve noticed on my travels around London.



I suppose I’m just a nostalgic nerd who likes pointing out weird facts and reminiscing about bygone days. Be it a house where Bob Marley recorded a video, an odd green hut where Frank Sinatra bought a sandwich, or an alley where a king threw up – there are nuggets of information and relics around every corner which can turn a seemingly ordinary street into a time machine of intriguing mystery and wonder.

Amazingly, it turned out I wasn’t the only one who liked this sort of thing and gradually people started asking for more – until I ended up on a mission from God to cover as much of London as I could before I shuffle off this mortal coil!


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