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October 6, 2015 | Lou Psyche

Yesterday I had the wonderful good fortune to be invited out to the theatre in central London. The Actors Centre is a secret gem tucked away on tower street in-between all the hustle and bustle of the busy Cambridge Circus and Covent Garden. So if you fancy treading the boards yourself , watching new theatre or just hobnobbing and shmoozing with all tomorrow’s up-coming stars of the west end then I suggest you don your costume jewellery and swing by . It’s free and there is a bar to hang out in and act all luvvy and darling whilst praising the real struggling actors and bitching about reality tv with a white wine spritzer 🙂

Rapsputin Rocks – London debut

Today is the first ever London showing of Rasputin Rocks – a new rock musical based on defrosting the cryogenically frozen body of the famous Russian nun-seducing mad monk ! Somehow Tony Blair is involved and so is an evil deathly hooded Russian dictator set on blowing up the entire world! Seriously if that alone doesn’t wet your appetite for this brilliant piece of political/historical satire then let me tell you about the rousing rockin’ ass kicking music and songs all performed by a live band right there on the stage making every audience member want to head-bang like a teenager and do the devil sign with their hand in the air.RasputinRocksJoolzGuides
Lyrics and Direction by Andrew Hobbs and Music written by Country Al an infamous London troubadour, everything is meticulously choreographed and performed with energy and pace. The doowoppping backing singers are sexy and sophisticated – The jokes are puerile , childish and ridiculous.. in other words .. It’s very funny indeed!!! Lucyelle Cliff playing Svetlana , an unlucky-in-love freedom fighter was recently in the hit west end Musical Wicked and her professionalism and skill and comic timing are perfect . When Rasputin himself appears in skin tight black denim and leather jacket, piercing blue eyes and a gigantic silver belt buckle and a glue on beard we are immediately aware of the tongue in cheek hilarity that will follow , a cross between Monty Python and Rocky Horror this musical will make your day lighter and your troubles will seem far away. It’s a romp, a blast and fun. Go and catch it next year when it will be available to the general public.
In the meantime keep an eye on the website for news about a few secret shows

By Lou Psyche – aka Lil’ Lost Lou Country Rock-a-Billy outsider musician

Going to the Actors Centre? Why not have a drink around the corner first? At Le Beaujolais!

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