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September 17, 2015 | Jessica McGill

Tate Sensorium

If you’re looking to escape the dreary streets and rain of London this week then catch these two events whilst you can.
Since the end of August the Tate has displayed the ‘Tate Sensorium’, an interactive display that plays on all five senses. This won’t keep you out of the rain for too long, with a duration of about 20 minutes, but you can definitely make a nice afternoon out of it and explore what else the Tate Britain has to offer.

It is an ominous experience at first, with groups no larger than four being let in at slots throughout the day. A quiet member of staff peeks their head out the door to check that all four ticket holders are waiting patiently to head in, and once it is the exact time that is stated on your ticket you are hurried into a dark room. I don’t want to go into vast amounts of detail that may spoil the experience, but it is definitely worth waiting for your slot. It is interactive, interesting and enjoyable without being too immersive that you begin to wonder what you’ve got yourself into. It is rare you come across an art instillation that plays on all five senses, and which you get results from at the end of too! The fact that it is free makes it even more enjoyable so I fully advise trying to catch it before it finishes on Sunday 20th September.

rawCrushed beaks

If you can’t make this however and fancy leaving the house one night next week, head to The Victoria in Dalston to see a couple of London’s finest bands. Crushed Beaks, being supported by Whistlejacket who are preparing to release their second EP in the next few weeks. In Summer they played on the ‘Psychedelia Smithsonian’ stage at Secret Garden Party, so if you feel like letting your limbs go loose as you’re lulled into a trance from narcotic melodies, then both these bands fit the criteria. Whistlejacket use more peddles than seems possible, but even if effects and fuzz aren’t your thing, the variety of pace and skill ensure that there is something for everyone’s ears.

Tickets cost a humble £6, far cheaper than a festival ticket, and can be purchased here: https://dice.fm/crushed-beaks-22-sept, or you can turn up when the doors open at 7.30pm.


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